‘Untitled’ by Dan Miller

Ink and acrylic on paper (2009)

Dan Miller, born 1961 California, is an ‘outsider artist’ I first got to know through a documentary on outsider art. The term ‘outsider art’ is often used for artworks and artists with mental disabilities, the subject intrigued me. Dan Miller paints his perceptions and he will often write letters and words repeatedly over each other, the desperate need to express himself is what interests me the most. Today it seems as if most artists paint because they want a pretty outcome, takes photographs of provocative content because it will trigger controversy, draws because they want the admiration, compliments. The point of this collective exhibition is to emphasize the desperation for expression rather than recognition, and Miller demonstrates just this. He did not initially draw because he wanted to become a famous artist, but drew due to his need to communicate his thoughts. Hence I chose Dan Miller, as an amazing artist and for being humble about it.