ARTIST: Elsa Stjernkvist born 1999
MEDIUM: Photograph, black and white, virtual exhibition
Lastly, the piece produced in relation to the collective exhibition and the work made around it. This artwork I would like to leave for the observer to interpret. Because each person will somehow be able to relate to the pictures and I do not want to interfere with what one might come to relate it to. Although this, my interpretation will be written further down on this page, so if one wish to read it, feel free to do so.
  This series of photographs were taken by me with myself as the subject too. The photos were taken in a room using a curtain as background that I mounted temporarily of the wall. To capture the motion of the hair and flying glitter a short shutter speed was used which made the pictures very dark, although a big natural light source, a window. Photoshop (Camera Raw) was hence used to brighten and enhance the subject, and make it visible at all.
   The motion of the pictures in relation to the neutral and calm facial expressions gives the overall impression of balance which juxtapose the topic of mental illness. However, to me the combination is suggesting an ability to accept and move on with whatever might be going on in life. Cooping with stressful situations or, which relates to mental health, understanding and accepting ones tangled thoughts.
  Although not having thought through the gaze or pose of the subject, I simply went with whatever felt natural and with what portrayed the tone I was aiming for. Constantly looking away from the camera might give the observer a sense of shyness, contrasting the confident poses.
  Taking the pictures was for me a liberating experience. Struggling with a low self-esteem and seeing my body perform and create something so beautiful was boosting in a sense.